Kim Hee-chul (born July 10, 1983), better known by the mononym Heechul (희철).

Discography[edit | edit source]

Collaborations[edit | edit source]

  • Breakups are So Like Me (with Kim Jang-hoon) (2011)
  • Narcissus (with Kim Jung Mo, Whee In of MAMAMOO) (2016)
  • Sweet Dream (with Min Kyung-hoon) (2016)
  • Charm Of Life (with Shindong, Eunhyuk & Solar of MAMAMOO) (2017)
  • Falling Blossoms (with Min Kyung-hoon) (2018)

OST[edit | edit source]

  • Can It Be Love? (Rainbow Romance OST) (with Kibum) (2006)
  • A Family (Bad Family OST) (with Cast of Bad Family) (2006)
  • Don't Walk Away (Xanadu OST) (with Kim Sung Ki, Hong Ji Min, Kim Hee Won) (2008)
  • First Star (Loving You a Thousand Times OST) (2009)

Compositions[edit | edit source]

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Year Album Artist Song
2005 Twins Super Junior Believe
2009 Super Show 2 & Cottage Industry M&D Spirit (Soul)
2010 N/A Defconn & Heechul King Wang Zzang
2011 Cottage Industry M&D Close Ur Mouth
A-CHa Super Junior Oops!
(with f(x))
Super Show 3 Heechul & Sulli of f(x) The Way An Idol Breaks Up
Orange Caramel Orange Caramel Shanghai Romance
2015 Cottage Industry M&D I Wish
Midnight & Dawn
Moon Crystal
Magic Super Junior You Got It
(Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Donghae)
(Heechul, Leeteuk)
2016 Goody Bag M&D Narcissus
(M&D, Wheein of MAMAMOO)
Banana Shake
(M&D, Noh Dae-gun of Burstered)
S.M. Station Season 1 Heechul & Min Kyung Hoon Sweet Dream
2017 Play Super Junior Spin Up!
I Do
S.M. Station Season 2 Heechul, Shindong, Eunhyuk & Solar of Mamamoo Charm of Life

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Movie[edit | edit source]

Year Name Role
2007 Alvin and the Chipmunks (Korean voice-cover) Simon
2016 Familyhood Broadcasting Station Idol (Cameo)

Drama[edit | edit source]

Year Name Channel Role
2005 Sharp 2 KBS2 Baek Jin-woo
Loveholic Joo Ho (Cameo)
2005-2006 Rainbow Romance MBC Heechul
2007-2008 Golden Bride Kim Young-soo
2009 Tae-hee, Hye-kyo, Ji-hyun Himself (Cameo)
2009-2010 Loving You a Thousand Times SBS Lee Chul
2010 I am Legend Himself (Cameo)
2011 Melody of Youth CCTV-1 Shen Tai Yi
2013 The Heirs SBS Music Program MC (Cameo)
2014 Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit TvN Park Jung-woo

Variety Show[edit | edit source]

Year Name Channel Role Notes
2008 To Be Kangin And Heechul ETN Cast with Kangin
2008-2009 Good Daddy SBS Daddy
Band of Brothers Mnet Cast
2010 Family Outing (Season 2) SBS Member of the Family
2013-2014 Ssulzun JTBC Cast
2014 We Got Married: Global Edition (Season 2) MBC Every 1 with Puff Guo
Tutoring Different Generations Cast with Jeong Jun-ha (Ep. 1-3)
2015 The Demand of Luxurious Food tvN Panelist (Ep. 1-13)
National Idol Singing Contest KBS2 Panel Chuseok Special
Duet Song Festival MBC Celebrity Supporters Pilot
MAPS O'live Cast
2015–Present Knowing Bros JTBC
2016 Code: Secret Room (Season 1) Contestant
Perhaps Love (Season 3) Hubei TV with Li Feier
2017 Living Together in Empty Room MBC Cast with GFriend
2017-Present Where Are You Going, DdaengChul? TV Chosun Cast Member
2018-Present Begin A Game MBC

Hosting Program[edit | edit source]

Year Name Channel Role Notes
2008 8 vs 1 SBS MC
2010-2011 Radio Star MBC Presenter
2011 The Night the Memories Shine Bright MBC Drama MC
Saturday Freedom (Secret) KBS
2014 Tell Me Your Wish MBC MC (dressed as Anna)
2015 A Style For You KBS MC
2015-2016 All the Way With You (Season 1 & 2) Zhejiang Television Host
2015-2017 Weekly Idol MBC Every 1 Main MC (Ep. 245–270, 275)
Special MC (EP 229, 230, 300)
2016-2017 Phantom Singer (Season 1) JTBC MC
Singderella (Season 1 & 2) Channel A
Lipstick Prince (Season 1 & 2) OnStyle
Secretly Greatly MBC Host
2016-2018 Game Show SBS TV Main MC
2017 Syndrome Man KBS2 MC
Bragging Room Guest
Pot Stand
Idol School Mnet Homeroom Teacher
2017-2018 Perfect on Paper JTBC MC
My Daughter's Men (Season 2) E Channel
2017-Present Life Bar tvN
2018 Friendship of 1% KBS2
Miracle Recipe JTBC Chuseok Special

Endorsements[edit | edit source]

  • Otuggi (with Kibum) (2005 - 2006)
  • 1677 Collect Call (with Kangin, Shindong) (2008)
  • SPRIS (2008)
  • Miwon (2016)
  • Ddoc Doc (2017)
  • Tan: Endless Battleground (2017)
  • GMarket (2017)
  • Nuevo (2018)

Awards & Nominations[edit | edit source]

Year Award Category Work Result
2007 Mnet 20's Choice Awards Best Pretty Boy Won
2011 Shorty Awards Best Celebrity Nominated
MBC Entertainment Awards Best Newcomer Award Radio Star Nominated
2015 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards Asia Beauty Icon Award Won
2016 Melon Popularity Awards Weekly Popularity Award (11.21-11.27) (with Min Kyung-hoon) Sweet Dream Won
JTBC Awards Crazy Person Award Knowing Bros Won
Best Entertainer Won
Best Couple Award (with Min Kyung-hoon) Won
2017 Gaon Chart Music Awards Song of the Year (November) (with Min Kyung-hoon) Sweet Dream Won
Melon Music Awards Best Rock Song (with Min Kyung-hoon) Won

Tours[edit | edit source]

Fanmeeting[edit | edit source]

  • Kim Heechul 1st Asia Fan meeting Tour (2016)
  • Kim Heechul Fanclub Event (2017)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Position: Vocalist, Rapper
  • Sub Unit:
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese
  • Instruments: Drums
  • Hobbies: writing poems, writing fairy tales, playing computer games
  • Siblings: older sister (Kim Heejin)
  • Education:
    • Shinwoo Elementary School (Graduated)
    • Jinkwang Middle School (Graduated)
    • Wonju Technical High School (Graduated)
    • Sangjin University (Computer Data Analyst Major, English Minor) (Graduated)
    • Chungwoon University
  • Fans: Petals
  • He does not like sports because he doesn’t like sweating.
  • He doesn’t like being compared to others.
  • He deletes numbers of those who don’t reply to him.
  • He gets annoyed with people easily especially if they are not listening to him.
  • He likes to dance to a lot of girl group songs and he likes imitating people.
  • He thinks Leeteuk is the scariest person.
  • He used to work as a charcoal mover in a restaurant, a TV manufacturing company and as a life saver when he was young.
  • He seems to have a cold personality, but he’s just shy because he didn’t know how to express himself.
  • He can’t eat hot food because he’s got lung problem.
  • He hates complicated things, that’s why he deleted his first twitter account because he got frustrated while using it.
  • He likes to watch horror movies.
  • He doesn’t wait for someone for more than 10 minutes.

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